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I’m an Organisation Consultant specialising in business, HR and leadership transformation. I work in partnership with executive teams to create organisations in which people can be their most creative, coaching and mentoring HR leaders to help make this a reality.

I've held VP level HR roles for many years including Global Director of Learning and Capability at Air Products, Transformation and People Leader at Cision, Global HR Director at Veon, VP of Leadership Development at a mutli billion joint venture in the Middle East and Director of Learning and Development at PricewaterhouseCoopers. I’ve lived in South Africa, the Middle East and Denmark and worked across Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia and the US. 

I am also a writer and published author. I have a regular blog and write for the Business Transformation Network. My book, "Learning from Burnout" is available on Amazon.

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I see organisations more as social processes in which people interact with each other, than machine-like structures that perform with a high degree of predictability and certainty.  As a result, I focus on the quality of conversation, engagement and trust inside the organisation and I'm passionate about innovating HR practice to make it more human and responsive to what’s really happening.  

I'm at my best when leading the people side of change in conditions of considerable uncertainty and ambiguity, often across multiple geographies and cultures. I act as a coach to leadership and HR teams, helping them amplify their purpose and passion. Those I’ve coached tell me I'm inspiring, resilient and warm and they learn fast and deep from me.

I'm a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, hold masters’ degrees in Organisation Consulting and Human Resources and have extensive training in organisational psychology. I'm also a certified practitioner in Agile HR and an accredited executive coach.

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Permanent. Consulting. Interim.

My experience spans the client and consulting worlds and I have also worked as an interim contractor.

I’ve lived and worked in Johannesburg, Copenhagen, the Middle East and London and worked across Asia, EMEA, Russia and Eastern Europe, India and the US. My sector experience has been predominantly in energy, technology, services and pharma. I’ve covered most business contexts, including global transformations, start-ups, joint ventures, top line growth, restructuring and cost containment.


Veon: led team of 30 across Europe, Russia and South Asia supporting company’s transformation to become a digital operator. Challenges included developing a global culture, redesigning business operating model and scaling out talent and reward processes.
Sadara: Led leadership development and organisation effectiveness team, defining strategy that delivered large scale culture change and developing talent and performance processes from scratch.
PwC: Regional Leader of Learning and Development leading multi-national team of 40 focusing on people and organisation development across Eastern European and Russian firm, covering 3 lines of service and 28 countries.



Set up and led boutique management consultancy with radically different approach to leadership development. Clients included: Barclays Capital, WNS Global Services, BG Group, Synergy Healthcare, H&M and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Assignments in organisational redesign, culture change, employee engagement, leadership development, executive coaching.


Ernst and Young Africa: developed business case and strategy for pan African leadership institute

Standard Bank Africa: designed global leadership competency framework and rolled out across Africa

Working Together


The truth about transformation

Top down transformation often does not survive contact with reality. Engaging with the emerging context stands a greater chance of success.

Blog & LinkedIn Jan 2019

Put sustainability at the heart of business and leadership

A sustainable future needs leaders with vision - those who put people before profits 

The Guardian Wed 15 Dec 2010

Perennial philosophy: sustainable leadership

The headlong pursuit of growth almost led to the collapse of our financial system. We need to develop leaders who put long term sustainability first

People Management 12 Aug 2010

A new paradigm of leadership development

This paper aims to present a paradigm shift in the way leaders are developed, more suited to the new order that is emerging as the recession recedes

Industrial and Commercial Training Vol. 42 No. 6 2010, pp. 287-295, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd

Leadership needs to work for a sustainable future

Increasing numbers of CEOs are calling for organisations and their leaders to find more sustainable ways of operating​

HR Magazine 11 Aug 2011

Towards sustainable engagement

The importance of personal purpose in engaging employees

Training Zone 31 Jan 2011

Learning from burnout: developing sustainable leaders and avoiding career derailment 

​Tim Casserley and David Megginson

Routledge Oct 2008

Feel the burn

Research shows the extent of burnout amongst high-flyers but notes the part that coaching can play in leading to a breakthrough

Coaching at Work 2008

Why getting staff to believe in firms' commitment to CSR is a process of negotiation

Many organisations are using corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to establish their reputations as responsible employers

People Management 6 Mar 2008

Transforming burnout from breakdown to breakthrough

Summary of key themes from my book, 'Learning from Burnout'

Coaching at Work 2008

Viewpoint - in my humble opinion

Come the next financial crisis coaches must help leaders – as well as themselves – redefine the scope of their influence

Coaching at Work 2008

Embracing empowerment

Self-development fuels empowerment at Texaco

Management Development Review Volume 10 no. 1/2/3 1997 pp. 75–76 MCB University Press

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Videos, podcasts & slideware

Use of improvisational theatre in leadership development


'Game On' immersive video game to develop employee understanding and adoption of values and behaviours at Sadara, a multi-billion dollar subsidiary of Aramco Oil & Dow Chemical

Use of improvisational theatre in leadership development


Coaching on the edge showcased narrative and sustainable coaching for consulting firm, Edge Equilibrium

Getting Coffee


'Making It Happen' virtual event engaged employees in a new approach to performance management at Air Products

Change Engagement & Adoption

Change Engagement & Adoption

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Making it Happen

Sadara - Game On - e-learning demo

Sustainable leadership coaching

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London, United Kingdom

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